Better insight. Brighter outcomes.

Lumeo will connect people, providers, and partners with up-to-date health information, as soon as they need it. With this seamless connection and equal access to information, we can improve the accuracy and efficiency of care, reduce duplication and errors, and ensure brighter outcomes for all.

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People Receiving Care

Lumeo connects people to their own health information, empowering them to take charge of their wellbeing. Along with their providers, people can easily access their health history in a central place. The information is clear, up-to-date, and readily available. Imagine safe, coordinated care with more ownership, less repetition, and timely, high-quality treatment.
Better insight. Brighter Outcomes.

Healthcare Providers

Lumeo unites care teams under the highest standard of care, making it easier to collaborate and offer timely, quality treatment. All members of a person’s care team can access up-to-date health information as soon as it’s needed. Information is available from every touchpoint and it follows a clear standard. Imagine delivering seamless, coordinated care with fewer errors and more time to focus on people.
Better insight. Brighter outcomes.

Healthcare System

Connected through Lumeo, Healthcare Partners can easily collaborate to make the most of the region’s resources. They can analyze information from across the system and make real-time improvements. Imagine less waste, reduced wait times, lower costs, and safe, quality, highly coordinated care.
Better insight. Brighter outcomes.

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